Roojai’s Tips On What To Do After A Car Accident

Accidents happen. Even though you might not want to think about it, it is better to be prepared when it comes to dealing with collisions on the road. And although Roojai doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but if you didn’t already know it, Thailand’s roads are not a safe place to be!

The statistics are pretty damning. With 36.2 people out of every 100,000 killed in road accidents each year, Thailand occupies the unenviable position of being the second most dangerous place in the world to be on the road.

Whilst there is nothing you can do about other people’s driving, there are things you can do to minimize you or your passengers’ risk of being hurt in a collision.

As the best car insurance provider in Thailand, Roojai is well placed to offer all drivers some tips on how to deal with the aftermath of a road traffic accident.


Even if you think the bump was only a minor one, you should always stop the car.

In cases of more serious accident, you should wait for the police to attend or call them yourself. If you are in a remote location, then record all the details of the accident carefully, car type, registration number and your exact whereabouts, in order to notify the police as soon as you can do.


When an accident strikes, it is natural to feel upset. But as hard as it may be you should try and remain calm.

Getting upset, angry or accusatory is only going to inflame the situation.

Never admit liability there and then, you may be leaving yourself open to all sorts of charges. Simply exchange details with the other driver, ensuring you get all their details correctly.

Take care of yourself and your passengers first and worry about apportioning blame for the accident later.


First off, ensure you have insurance! And not just any insurance. To be as protected as much possible from the financial impact of an accident in Thailand, you really need first class car insurance.

One that can provide roadside assistance, towing and of course, to make sure you are covered should you hit a third party who then requires hospital treatment.


Always ensure you have a first aid box in your car. This should contain the following items;

Antiseptic cream, a roll of sticky tape, scissors, alcohol free wipes, sterile eye dressings, a roll of sterile gauze, plasters in many sizes, crepe bandages, safety pins and disposable gloves. This list is not exhaustive and there may be other things you choose to put in it (particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or are carrying vulnerable passengers).

Having a working knowledge of first aid is always an advantage, and if you can do, we advise going on a first aid course, or at least reading through the basics of how to administer aid in a life-saving situation.


Always call the police, in the event of any road accident – even if the accident does not seem serious.

This is because the other party may notify them at a later date and put their side of the story across first. You may find yourself liable to all sorts of accusations if you have not filed a statement of what happened. It is possible that you could be accused of driving off without stopping or worse.

Even if the other party says they will contact the police, still ensure you do it yourself.

Follow these tips for a smooth approach to any mishaps on the roads – but most of all, please drive carefully!

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