The Governor’s Cabinet is comprised of the heads of the various departments within the Executive Branch. Titled Commissioners or Directors, cabinet member are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Each commissioner or director is responsible for the oversight of his or her agency. An equally important responsibility of all Cabinet members is advising the Governor on subjects related to their respective agencies.

Office of the Governor

Office of the Governor

Chief of Staff

Rochelle Corneiro, Deputy Chief of Staff

Rochelle Comeiro
Deputy Chief of Staff

Emile Henderson, Chief Legal Counsel

Emile Henderson, III, Esq
Chief Legal Counsel

Cherie Munchez, Director of Communications

Cherie Munchez
Director of Communications

Juel Molloy, Senior Policy Advisor

Juel Molloy
Senior Policy Advisor

Frankie Johnson, Senior Policy Advisor

Frankie Johnson
Senior Policy Advisor

Eugene Farrell
Policy Advisor

Rochelle Benjamin, Director, Business Administration

Rochelle Benjamin
Director of Business & Administration

Lisa Webster, Chief Protocol Officer

Lisa Webster
Chief Protocol Officer

Shelley Moorhead
Special Advisor to the Governor of the USVI
Secretary General

Jamila A. Russell
V.I. Territorial ADA Coordinator

Office of the Lt. Governor

Delbert Hewitt, Chief of Staff, Office of the Lt. Governor

Delbert Hewitt
Chief of Staff


Merwin Potter, St. Thomas-Water Island Administrator

St. Thomas/Water Island
Merwin Potter

Camille Paris, St. John Administrator

St. John
Camille Paris

Stephanie Williams, St. Croix Administrator

St. Croix
Stephanie Williams

Commissioners & Directors

Valdamier Collens, Commissioner, Department of Finance

Department of Finance
Valdamier Collens

Claude Walker, Attorney General, Department of Justice

Department of Justice
Claude Walker, Esq
Attorney General

Nellon L. Bowry, Director, Office of Management and Budget

Office of Management & Budget
Nellon L. Bowry

Gustav James, Commissioner, Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works
Gustav James

Pedro Cruz, Commissioner, Department of Sports, Parks and Recreation

Department Sports Parks & Recreation
Pedro Cruz

Delroy Richards, Commissioner, VI Police Department

Virgin Islands Police Department
Delroy Richards, Sr.

Department of Property & Procurement
Lloyd T. Bough, Jr.

Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Commissioner, Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism
Beverly Nicholson-Doty

Carlos Robles, Commissioner, Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture
Carlos Robles

Dr. Sharon McCollum, Commissioner, Department of Education

Department of Education
Dr. Sharon McCollum

Catherine Hendry, Commissioner, Department of Labor

Department of Labor
Catherine Hendry, Esq.

Dr. Michelle Davis, Commissioner, Department of Health

Department of Health
Dr. Michelle Davis

Department of Human Services
Felecia L. Blyden

Dawn Henry, Commissioner, Department of Planning and Natural Resources

Department of Planning & Natural Resources
Dawn L. Henry, Esq.

Devin Carrington, Commissioner, Licensing and Consumer Affairs

Department of Licensing & Consumer Affairs
Devin Carrington, Esq.

Milton Potter, Director, Division of Personnel

Division of Personnel
Milton Potter

Gen. Deborah Howell, Adjutant General, VI National Guard / Joint Force Headquarters

National Guard / Joint Force Headquarters
Gen. Deborah Howell
Adjutant General

Natalie Nelson Tang How, Chief Negotiator, Office of Collective Bargaining

Office of Collective Bargaining
Natalie Nelson Tang How
Chief Negotiator

Marvin Pickering, Director, Bureau of Internal Revenue

Bureau of Internal Revenue
Marvin Pickering

Clifford Joseph, Director, VI Fire Service

Virgin Islands Fire Service
Clifford Joseph

Bureau of Information Technology
Angelo Riddick, PMP
Director & CIO

Lawrence Olive, Director, Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Lawrence Olive

Mona Barnes, Director, VITEMA

Mona L. Barnes

Richard Mullgrav, Director, Bureau of Corrections

Bureau of Corrections
Richard Mullgrav

Steven VanBeverhoudt, Inspector General, VI Bureau of Audit and Control

Inspector General
Steven G. VanBeverhoudt
Inspector General

Patrick Farrell, Director, Department of Veterans Affairs

Office of Veterans Affairs
Patrick Farrell

Bureau of Economic Research
Bernadette Melendez

Elmo Roebuck, Director, VI Energy Office

Virgin Islands Energy Office
Elmo D. Roebuck

Franz Christian, Law Enforcement Planning Commission

Law Enforcement Planning Commission
Franz Christian

Agencies and Instrumentalities

Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority
Roger Merritt
Executive Director

Virgin Islands Lottery
Juan Figueroa
Executive Director

Virgin Islands Port Authority
David W. Mapp
Acting Executive Director

Wayne Biggs, CEO, Vi Economic Development Authority

Economic Development Authority
Wayne Biggs
Chief Executive Officer

Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority
Daryl Griffith
Acting Executive Director

Austin Nibbs, Administrator, GERS

Government Employees Retirement System
Austin Nibbs

Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority
Julio Rhymer
Interim Executive Officer

West Indian Company Limited
Joseph Boschulte
President & CEO

Donald Cole, Executive Director, Public Services Commission

Public Services Commission
Donald Cole
Executive Director

Office of the Governor

Juan F. Luis Hospital
Dr. Kenneth Okolo
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bernard Wheatley, CEO, Schneider Regional Medical Cenet

Schneider Regional Medical Center
Dr. Bernard A. Wheatley
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Hall, President, University of the Virgin Islands

University of the Virgin Islands
Dr. David Hall

Robert Graham, Executive Director, VI Housing Authority

Virgin Islands Housing Authority
Robert Graham, CPM
Executive Officer

Levron Sarauw, Executive Director, VI Taxicab Commission

Virgin Islands Taxicab Commission
Levron Sarauw
Executive Director

Virgin Islands Next Generation Network
Dr. H. Mark McGibbon
Chief Executive Officer / President