Happy Father’s Day from Governor Kenneth Mapp

Governor Kenneth E. Mapp would like to wish all of the fathers and grandfathers of the Virgin Islands a Happy Father’s Day.

Families are the cornerstone of any community and fathers play a vital role in developing healthy, happy and productive youth in our territory.

“I would like to thank the fathers across our territory who work tirelessly to provide for their families and those fathers who understand the importance of education. Further, our entire community benefits from the fathers who teach their children to be good citizens. I would also like to extend a special Father’s Day greeting to those fathers who make the ultimate sacrifice not only for their own families, but for all families, by serving in the military to protect all of our freedoms.”, stated Governor Mapp.

Governor Mapp would like all Virgin Islanders to take some time today to meditate on the value of building a strong family, share family stories and reflect on memories of our fathers that are no longer with us.

Enjoy your day and have a Happy Father’s Day!