Lloyd Bough Jr. Confirmed as P&P Commissioner

Governor Mapp introduces Lloyd T. Bough Jr. following the
announcement of his nomination earlier this year.

Lloyd Bough Jr. has been confirmed as the Territory’s Commissioner of the Department of Property & Procurement by the 32nd Legislature.

Governor Kenneth E. Mapp thanked senators for their unanimous support of Bough’s nomination. Thirteen senators voted to confirm Bough, with one senator recorded as absent. His nomination was approved during Wednesday’s Legislative Session.

“We appreciate your overwhelming support for this nominee whose experience will be invaluable to the people of the Virgin Islands,” the Governor said. “We trust you will work with him as we strive together to make improvements at Property & Procurement, which is responsible for so many essential government operations.”

Bough was tapped to lead the Department following ten years as its Chief of Procurement & Contracts. Governor Mapp said he was pleased to bring someone aboard who had experience actually executing much of the work he was to supervise and that he was “proud to have been able to reach into the middle management of the Department” to find its new Commissioner.

Governor Mapp said Bough’s role remains particularly critical given the Administration’s ongoing efforts to increase revenue, reduce expenditures and get various infrastructure projects off the ground – most of which require contracts that must be approved by Property & Procurement.