June Proclaimed Virgin Islands Housing Month

Acting Governor Osbert E. Potter has proclaimed June as Virgin Islands Housing Month.

Read the Acting Governor’s Proclamation

The Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority was created by the Virgin Islands Government on October 20, 1981, after approval of Act No. 4636 by the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, to operate the Affordable Housing Program. In collaboration with the Virgin Islands Housing Authority, it has created diverse housing opportunities for eligible applicants.

“For over 33 years, many Virgin Islanders have achieved the housing dream through low interest mortgage loans, major rehabilitation and revitalization projects, increased availability of affordable housing and the joint efforts of the Government and the private industry,” Acting Governor Potter wrote in his proclamation. “It is in the public best interest and essential to the public health and welfare to continue to encourage homeownership and provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for persons of low- and moderate-incomes.”

Residents are encouraged to support various agencies and the services that they provide.

“I urge all residents to join with me in supporting agencies of the Federal and Virgin Islands Governments, and their efforts to provide safe, decent, sanitary and affordable housing for the people of the Territory,” Acting Governor Potter wrote.

Acting Governor Potter underscored the importance of affordable housing, home ownership, and a healthy housing industry in building equity, creating jobs, and growing and developing the Territory.