Governor Mapp Proclaims Child Abuse Prevention Month, Literacy Celebration & Student Leadership week

Saying all children deserve safe, stable and nurturing homes, Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Child abuse prevention is an acknowledged community responsibility,” the Governor wrote in his proclamation. “On behalf of the United States Virgin Islands’ children, this month and each thereafter we shall commit to The Power of One. This territorial initiative under the leadership of the Virgin Islands Department of Human Services asserts that the power of one person, one community, one dollar, one action, etc., during April will help to protect children from abuse and neglect throughout the United States Virgin Islands.”

Read the Governor’s Proclamation on Child Abuse Prevention Month

Governor Mapp extended his appreciation to the many social workers and others that work on behalf of our children.

The Governor also proclaimed this week as both National Student Leadership and Literacy Celebration Week in the Territory. The University of the Virgin Islands will host the V.I. Literary Festival and Book Fair beginning April 19.

Read the Governor’s Proclamation on National Student Leadership Week

Read the Governor’s Proclamation on Literacy Celebration Week

“Literacy, as an essential part of the arts and humanities, affects every aspect of life, including education, the economy, and community pride and development,” the Governor wrote.

Governor Mapp stated that National Student Leadership Week serves as an ideal time to bring attention to the important contributions that student leaders make in our schools.

“Student leaders are a positive influence on their peers, modeling good character and scholarship in and out of the classroom, and serve as change agents to improve the overall climate and academic performance levels of their schools,” the Governor wrote.

However, he noted, it is important to understand that leadership skills are not automatic and must be nurtured and cultivated in our youth. The Governor said students require trained and dedicated faculty advisers to help them develop leadership traits.