March is Virgin Islands History Month

Governor Kenneth Mapp reminded residents that March 1 marked the beginning of Virgin Islands History Month.

Act 6802, signed into law in 2006, created the month long recognition of Virgin Islands history and history makers.

The Governor noted that this year’s observation provided exceptional opportunity to revisit events related to the Territory’s transfer from Denmark to the United States in 1917.

“As we commemorate our centennial year as part of the US it is important that we acknowledge the circumstances and individuals associated with our transfer,” the Governor said. “We can’t look forward with clear eyes without a sense of what and who brought us where we are today.”

The Governor praised parents, educators and others making a special effort this month to teach the Territory’s children more about our rich and interesting local history.

“Virgin Islands history offers many notable role models and learning about these individuals and other important events helps instill a sense of pride in our young people,” the Governor said. “I thank each Virgin Islander working to inform and enlighten our community this month and all year around.”