Governor Mapp Congratulates St. Croix Chamber Business and Professional Winners

Governor Kenneth Mapp extends his congratulations to the individuals and businesses selected for honors at this year’s St. Croix Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards Gala held at the St. George Botanical Gardens. Members from the business and nonprofit community enjoyed an evening of dinner and music with each of the honorees and nominees being presented with an award or certificate noting their accomplishment.

Director of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Marvin Pickering was the invited Keynote speaker and addressed the chamber audience, sharing his personal experience of transitioning into public service and the goals he set out to achieve as the head of the BIR. Mr. Pickering also spoke to the recent financial challenges that the territory has faced and implored the business community to continue to work with the administration to develop viable solutions that will improve and sustain the growth of the territory. Mr. Pickering stated, “Tonight, I come filled with hope and vision that you, the businessmen and women of this community and those of us as leaders in government, can come together for the common good of these Virgin Islands. Moreover, that we can achieve even more together than we can separately.”

Marvin Pickering congratulated Kimberly McCullum as being reelected as the St. Croix Chamber of Commerce Chairperson for 2017. The Governor of the Virgin Islands would like to acknowledge all of the winners and thank them for contributing to the economic growth of St.Croix.

New business of the year: New Attitude Unique Plus Boutique

Small Business of the Year: Shupes of the Boardwalk

Non Profit of the Year: Project Promise

Professional Businessman of the Year: Patrick Kralik

Professional Businesswoman of the Year: I. Debbie Henry

DIAGIO: Business of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award: Salvador “Sal” Sanpere

The St. Croix Chamber of Commerce has been an active part of the island’s business community for over ninety years and this year’s slogan is “Over 90 years…looking back and moving forward.”