Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

tourismThe United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism is a great resource to assist in planning your dream vacation to the beautiful U.S. Virgin Islands. Visit this website for all the information you need on accommodations, attractions and a calendar of local events. The U.S. Virgin Islands are located in the eastern Caribbean approximately 1100 miles southeast of Miami. we have a rich history and tourism is the primary economic activity and we host over 2 million visitors each year. Come experience our islands!

Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority

EDA-logo_The Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (VIDEA) is a semi-autonomous government instrumentality responsible for the promotion and enhancement of economic development in the United States Virgin Islands. The purpose of the VIEDA is to act as an umbrella authority that assumes, integrates and unifies the functions of the aforementioned entities under one executive board in order to achieve maximum efficiency of operations, avoid duplication of services, positions and responsibilities, reduce expenses for personnel, physical plant and operations and develop comprehensive programs for the economic development of the Territory.

Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority

VIPublicFinanceAuthorityThe Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority is a public corporation and autonomous governmental instrumentality, operating on behalf of the Government of the United States Virgin Islands. Its primary duties are 1) to aid the Government of the United States Virgin Islands in the performance of its fiscal duties; 2) to raise capital, public or private, for essential public projects; and, 3) to create programs and enter into contracts which will support the financing needs of the Government, promote economic recovery, and contribute to the stability of the Territory’s economy.

The West Indian Company Limited

wicoIn 1912 a group of Danish business men, led by Mr. Hans. N. Andersen, acted on a grant by the Danish Crown to set up business in St. Thomas, partly to support the island’s economy. They saw the viability with the opening of the Panama Canal that it would be a business for bunkering coal on a large scale. The East Asiatic Company a joint-stock company was formed in December of 1912 and called that venture The West Indian Company Limited. In 1993 The West Indian Company was sold to the Government of the Virgin Islands under the direction of Governor Alexander Farrelly. The sale was sealed on June 30, 1993 at a purchase price of $54 million dollars. To diversify, the mall was sold to the Government Employees’ Retirement System for $32 million. The Public Finance Authority acquired the dock area. The West Indian Company has one of the best cruise ship ports in the Caribbean with a very well maintained infrastructure.

Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center

JFL HospitalAs the sole hospital on the island of St. Croix, the Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center offers a full array of acute medical and specialty healthcare services to the residents and visitors of St. Croix alike. Their team of professionals include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technologists, other allied health professionals, and administrative personnel. Juan F. Luis Hospital is dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare to everyone who walk through their doors.

The Roy Lester Schneider Hospital

Roy Lester Schneider HospitalThe Roy Lester Schneider Hospital is the sole hospital in the St. Thomas/St. John district. Roy Lester Schneider Hospital offers quality medical care to residents and visitors alike. At the RLS hospital, all their efforts are geared towards ensuring the patient’s well-being. The infrastructure, laboratories, trained professionals and facilities are all in place to ensure that patients get the best service that the USVI has to offer. The hospital’s mission is to provide the best medical and healthcare services in the entire Caribbean and to be renowned as the finest medical and healthcare provider in the region.

Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency

vitemaVITEMA is the territorial agency with primary responsibility for ensuring the territory’s resilience to disasters. VITEMA’s staff of professional planners, communications specialists, logicians, operations managers and support personnel are committed to an all hazards approach to emergency management. VITEMA ensures the Territory’s ability to rapidly recover from large and small disasters by assessing and mitigating hazards, enhancing preparedness, ensuring effective response, and building the capacity to recover.

Department of Planning and Natural Resources

usvi_dpnrThe Department of Planning and Natural Resources offers efficient delivery of services consistent with the Department’s mandates: to protect, maintain and manage the natural and cultural resources of the Virgin Islands, through the coordination of economic development, in collaboration with local, federal and non-government organizations, enabling present and future Virgin Island generations to live safer, fuller lives in harmony with their environment and cultural heritage. DPNR is committed to a comprehensive approach which considers all societal implications in achieving the Department’s overarching mandate of promoting/facilitating sustainable development.  It is also critical for the integration of cultural, historic, and intellectual resources, and the preservation thereof, into the overall development scheme.

Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs

DLCAThe Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs establishes, administers, coordinates and supervises the regulation and licensing of private businesses and professions in the territory.  DLCA provides and administers consumer services and programs pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law of 1973 as set forth in the Code. The Department is empowered to issue rules, regulations, and orders necessary to protect the interest of consumers, to hold public hearings on matters affecting consumer interests, to file any necessary legal action to enforce the rules, regulations, and orders of the Department, and to appear for and in representation of consumers before any court, Board or Department of the Government of the Virgin Islands, in any hearing, or matter that affects or may affect the interests of consumers in general, or groups of consumers. Additionally, it may impose administrative fines for violations of the rules, regulations, and orders prescribed by the Department.

Department of Property and Procurement

VIDPPThe Department of Property and Procurement, formerly the Department of Insular Affairs, was established under Title 33, Chapter 13, of the Virgin Islands Code, and operates pursuant to Title 3, Section 212-221 and Title 31, Section 151-169 of the Virgin Islands Code, and Section 231-251 and Section 281-283 of the Virgin Islands Rules and Regulations.  The Department of Property and Procurement is committed to assisting government departments and agencies in their efforts to acquire goods and services by utilizing a procurement system or program that is fair, equitable, prompt, quality oriented, and cost efficient. In addition, to its procurement functions, the Department acts as a supporting arm in the areas of Property Management, Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution, Mail Delivery and Printing Production.